About Us

Our vision:

Give your style a purpose.

Our purpose:

At Kaaloo, we believe that every printed outfit can be a mechanism to declare identity and belonging. We work every day to provide compelling clothing for brave women AND pop culture nerds with a bold sense of humor.
Everyone on the Kaaloo team has their own unique voice and personality, but we all share in our mission to enable self-expression through exceptional design.

Our Beliefs:


Our stand is one in which intersectionality and inclusiveness meet. While we must be able to address the unique differences that set us apart and differentiate our lived experiences and how we are treated as we take up space in this world, we musn’t let those differences divide us to the point of not being able to collaborate, in dialogue and activism, in order to create the HUMAN future in which we are all due to benefit so immensely from.


We're striving to create a movement that's working towards the equitable and just
treatment of all human beings - socially, economically, judicially, and politically.
One which, in turn, would allow all people to freely express themselves in whatever ways feel the most authentic to them, free of any preconceived stereotypes of how someone of their appearance, being, or background should act or think. We are all hurt in a society that pushes rigid norms, expectations and stereotypes upon us based on our appearance. A truly human future would allow us to be our truest selves, free from stigma and the threat of harm.


For us, sustainability has to do with the responsible stewardship of our environment. Maintaining a healthy environment allows us to truly explore our humanity.
Besides building on our corporate responsibility and ethical standards, our eco-
friendly apparel line provides our customers a way to give back to the environment as well. Here's how we do it:

  Organic Cotton – farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers
  Sustainable grown materials – Bamboo/Hemp both grow exceptionally fast, using less water, naturally insect resistance, and long lasting durability.
  Low impact dyes reduces water quality impact of manufacturing
  Water recycling at our facilities, reduces our consumption and cuts down on water treatment and waste water.


While promoting free speech, Kaaloo is against hate speech in the service of
sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and any other form of bigotry and discrimination. If that's too difficult for you to follow, we invite you to hit the (x) on this tab and exit our site. For those of you still with us, welcome. Let's, kindly and respectfully, have some difficult conversations.

Our social responsibility :

At Kaaloo, we take our corporate responsibility to take care of not just our customers, but also our employees, very seriously. Our apparel is cut, sewn, picked & shipped by employees making a livable wage, in safe & comfortable working conditions.Our teams have years of experience and we encourage creativity & promotion within. We strive to provide a rewarding atmosphere conducive to personal & professional growth.Our employees are our greatest asset and our goal is to provide them the tools to excel in their careers and provide better products for our customers.
In short, we appreciate our customers, and value our employees.